Homeowners Insurance Sarasota
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Homeowners Insurance Sarasota

Homeowners Insurance Sarasota

Sarasota is a fantastic place to live! The views and climate are amazing, but the area is at high risk for hurricanes. Do not risk the investment you made in your home. Contact us today at Quote Savage. We will find you the best rates for homeowners insurance in Sarasota.

What does homeowners insurance cover?

A homeowners insurance policy protects your investment in your property, and the policies cover you in the advent of a multitude of circumstances. Here are just a few of the instances your policy covers:

  • The policy covers the dwelling (aka home) itself
  • Your personal property inside the dwelling
  • A policy covers other structures on your property, like a shed or garage
  • Select homeowners policies protect the policyholder from personal liability should an accident occur at their home
  • Certain repairs and replacements (ex: roof or appliances-check with your specific carrier)
  • Destructive weather events (excluding earthquakes and floods)

No homeowner should be without the best policy they can afford that meets their individual needs.

Why do you need homeowners insurance?

The first reason is that you have too! State requirements vary, but most mortgage companies require that you obtain coverage before they lend to you. They invested in you by loaning to you; they require that you show you are protecting the said investment. It makes practical sense as well to have a policy. Ask yourself if you can afford to replace every single item in your house? Unless you have enough money in your savings to replace your home and everything in it, you need homeowners insurance!

The key point is that homeowners insurance covers you in the case of most (but not all) natural disasters. Sarasota is a prime target for hurricanes. Luckily for us, homeowners insurance in Sarasota covers this natural disaster. This allows us to live in this beautiful area and not fear for our investment. Policies also cover temporary living expenses which is a critical benefit in a hurricane zone like Florida. When we deal with the chaos from a hurricane, at least we have one less worry surrounding the expense of temporary housing.

Filing a home insurance claim

Not every issue with your home requires the attention of your insurance carrier.  All policies come with deductibles and if the repair is less than that, just pay for the expense out-of-pocket. If the incident required a visit from law enforcement, have a copy of the police report handy. You can never have too much documentation for an insurance company, so take as many photos and videos needed to support your claim. After this, you are ready to go. Give your carrier a call and provide them with all your documents. If they request more information for this claim, provide it. The length of time to process your claim and get you your money varies from state-to-state.

Don’t risk the investment you have made in your Sarasota home. Contact us at Quote Savage today to find the best rate for homeowners insurance in Sarasota.

Homeowners Insurance Sarasota
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