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We sell Mercedes Benz used engines, original, cleaned, packed and warranted ready to get you back to the road.

Best quality

Every engine is reviewed, cleaned and packaged to provide you with the great shopping experience.
Buy with confidence.

Competitive Prices.

We have the most competitive prices of the market. Save up to 75% off OEM prices on hundreds of engines.

Fast Delivery.

All engines in stock have next day delivery. Every order has a guaranteed delivery date and we keep our promises.


Six Months warranty on all sold engines. We offer an additional extended warranty with easy return.


We are not a simple Mercedes junkyard.

We are your trusted provider for original Mercedes used transmissions and recycled parts.

Personalized Customer Service.

Our customer support specialists are just a phone call away.

Easy Returns.

Enjoy peace of mind just in case you ordered the wrong part.


We use state-of-the-art encryption system in our website. Your data is always safe with us.

Specialized control software.

Allows us to offer new pieces inventory the next day the car arrives at us.

Specialized storage.

We have racks and specialized spaces to guarantee the conservation of the pieces.

Parts procure

If you can wait, we can find for you the parts that we do not have in stock.

Local and worldwide delivery

We have our transport fleet for local transportation, and we work with USPS and FedEx for national and international distribution. We can deliver to your courier in Miami too.

Additional warranty

If you repair your car at our workshop, you will have an extended warranty for labor parts.

We Provide The Best Mercedes Benz Used Engines

Origin of our parts

Our Mercedes Used Transmission comes from Junk cars that we buy in the US, also from other US-based business. All these sources allow us to provide you with an exceptional inventory with which we have a very high probability of being able to offer you the transmission that you are looking for.

What differences us from junk cars yards?

Since most of our clients do not have the experience, the tools and the time, we take care of dismantling our junk cars.
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Our mechanical experts know Mercedes cars perfectly, they have adequate tools and besides that, they have strict quality procedures to avoid damages during the process of pieces disassembling.
This allows you to focus on what you need, which is to get the original Mercedes Used Transmission in excellent condition, quickly, and at the best price and that is what we do for you. This is why we are your Mercedes junkyard.

Environment Protection

We want to leave a better world for our children, due to we take very seriously the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations and also the Miami Dade Environmental Code Compliance.

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We classify and transport all parts and pieces of waste to the different companies in charge of the processing and recycling of these types of materials, so we help to have a better environment in which we all live in.


We believe that the cleaning of the parts we deliver is essential, that is why we take the effort to clean them so that you not only receive quality used Mercedes parts but also that it looks as new or in the best possible way.
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For the cleaning we use selected chemicals that do not harm the environment and that once applied, we dispose of them in complying with all environmental regulations.


For most of our parts, we apply procedures to verify correct operation and standards. These measures allow us to be entirely sure that you will not have problems when installing our products.
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Also, these tests allow us to guarantee that the strict quality levels that our used Mercedes parts have are going to fulfill all your needs and expectations.


To better guarantee the conservation of our parts during their storage and to protect them during the transport, we pack most of our pieces. Additionally, depending on whether it is a local dispatch or international shipment, we take the necessary.
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measures to ensure that the piece will arrive in good condition regardless of whether the shipment is by ground, air or sea.


Each Mercedes Used Transmission that we quote and sell has a promised date of dispatch that we strive every day to fulfill.
Unexpected situations can affect these dispatch times; but always, even on these rare occasions, we will be in contact with you.


One of the aspects that differentiate us from our competitors is the guarantee of our Mercedes Used Transmission.
If you were wrong in ordering a piece, please return it, and by paying a small cost of restocking, you can solve the problem.
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If due to our failure, the piece that transmission is not the right one, let us know, and we will organize the best way to return it at no cost to you.


Buying Mercedes Used Transmission from us is a smooth experience that you will always remember.
Our expert and friendly technicians will guide you until we find the solution to your requirement.
We always strive to give our best service, most efficiently and efficiently.

Mercedes Benz Used Engines

What would you do when your ten-year-old Mercedes Benz begins to develop engine problems? There are four primary options:

  • Rebuilding the engine
  • Buy a replacement engine
  • Buy a new car
  • Trade it in

All these options are viable to get yourself back on the road. The determinant factor will mostly come down to money.

Trading in your car will plummet your money by a long shot because the models will be out of the new market stocks. Buying a new vehicle will require just as much money while rebuilding the engine is a gamble.

This guideline will give you detailed comparisons that will prove why buying Mercedes Benz used engines will be a better financial decision.

Reasons to buy used engines over purchasing a new car


Buying a new car is more expensive than getting an engine replacement. Replacement engines from exclusive junkyard stores will serve you with the same efficiency you will get from the engine of a new car. You will also save money from excessive taxing, licensing fees, and insurance.

Environmentally friendly

Junking your entire car in a landmine will add to environmental pollution. You should keep the car and sell off the engine to a car mechanic or car junkyard.

Extended life

A mechanically sound car will work fine for the next several years if you replace the faulty engine.

Interval replacements

You can opt to replace your car engine every time after the pass of a particular duration. Typically, people will only replace an engine when it fails. You can choose to reduce the rate of maintenance and instead make replacements with Mercedes Benz used engines after every milestone reach.

Reasons to buy a used engine over rebuilding one

What is a rebuilt engine?

A rebuilt engine is one that has had extensive use for its lifespan until it became too faulty for simple repairs. The worn-out engine is then completely taken apart for its parts to be replaced or renewed with newer ones.

The critical detail is that a rebuilt engine is not a new engine, even when it has some newer feature within. You are bound to have the following problems with a rebuilt engine when you opt not to buy a fully functional Mercedes Benz used engines.

  • The new additions may not meet the required performance standards.
  • The older parts will finally weaken at a different pace than the new additions, requiring you to spend extra money for a similar service.
  • Rebuilding an engine takes a decent amount of skill. You stand the risk of getting a poorly done engine for your car.
  • The rebuilding company may not have a warranty for their parts. Cor-Auto issues warranties for all sold pieces and has an extended warranty for engines with less than 75,000 milestones.

Cor-Auto is acutely aware of the allure of getting a new car or refurbished somewhat new parts. We have high-quality components that will be useful to you when you consider other aspects such as the cost involved.

Mercedes Benz Used Engines at the best price

The Mercedes Benz brand has a reputation for high quality and durability; its cars are dreamlike, and many people would like to have one.

These vehicles are full of performance, comfort, power, style, and luxury. They generally qualify as above average in all industry studies.

Mercedes has the lowest vehicle removal rate of all car manufacturers. However, as with any car, there may come a time when an engine change is necessary.

For many people buying a new engine, it is an investment they cannot afford. For these cases, buying a Mercedes Benz Used Engine is a more cost-effective solution.

Buying a used engine and saving money does not mean you are investing in a low-quality product. On the contrary, many cars that end up in salvage yards have parts in perfect condition that only await a new life opportunity. 

Even if a vehicle is discarded due to chassis corrosion, many of the interior elements are still in excellent working order.

For these reasons, at Cor-Auto we have been working with the most exclusive car brand and their Used German Auto Parts for more than 25 years.

Why you should buy A Mercedes Benz Used Engine from us

First of all, our Mercedes Benz Used Engines are entirely original; they come from Mercedes garbage cars that we buy in Florida and from nearby estates, as well as other US-based businesses.

All these sources allow us to provide you with an exceptional inventory, so we have a very high probability of being able to offer you the engine you are looking for.

Secondly, we verify all our engines by applying procedures to confirm that they meet the correct standards and thus ensure that they are in optimal condition. These measures allow us to be entirely sure that you will not have problems installing our Mercedes Benz Engine.

Furthermore, to better guarantee the conservation of our parts during storage and protect them throughout transport, we empty, clean, and pack all our engines.

Also, depending on whether it is a local or international shipment, we take the necessary measures to ensure that the engine will arrive in good condition, regardless of whether the carrier is air or sea.

It is important to note that one of the aspects that differentiate us from our competitors is the warranty for all our Mercedes Benz Used Auto Parts. Likewise, for our Mercedes Benz Used Engines, we offer a six-month warranty for those with less than 75,000 miles.

When you get parts through Cor-Auto, there is not only the opportunity to save money but also time. Instead of having to travel many miles in hopes of finding the Mercedes-Benz motor you need, all you have to do is contact us and we do the work for you.

We sell used Mercedes parts from Miami to the rest of the world, and we deliver locally or internationally.  We specialize in locating excellent options for your car and your pocket.

How do we make sure you’ll have the right engine at the right time?

We will always ask your Mercedes VIN, hence, we will identify precisely when and where your Mercedes was manufactured, and this tells us all the specific manufacturing standards for your year and model. 

With this information, we can find an exact match or a duplicate of the current specifications of your engine for a trouble-free substitution.

At Cor-Auto we strive daily to keep our promises. All the engines in stock have a next day delivery, or if they are in the conditioning stage, in the quote, we will tell you our promised shipping date.

If you have doubts, our customer service specialists are just a call away. We are kind, attentive, and treat you with the respect and consideration you deserve.

As a conclusion we would like to reiterate

With us, you can save money by buying original Used Mercedes Engines at a fraction of the cost of buying one new through a Mercedes dealership.

At Cor-Auto you can find Mercedes Benz Used Engines robust, tested, cleaned, packaged, and guaranteed, without any setback.

We are proud to be a valuable resource for both auto shops and car owners who want to bring their Mercedes Benz to life and get back on the road quickly.

At Cor-Auto you can locate your Used Mercedes Engine and get the one you need for your vehicle in a profitable way. We have an extensive catalog, but we work only with gas engines.

The idea of ​​saving thousands while guaranteeing a good used car engine is more accessible than you might think. Our ability to make this happen is bigger than our competitors would make you believe. We offer you the best competitive, irresistible price.

We guarantee that the engine is in good working order and will reach the specifications you want.
If you are looking for used Mercedes engine for sale at a reasonable price, contact us, you will save time and money.

New Inventory


MERCEDES CLA250 4 CYL W117 M270 2.0L FWD 2015


MERCEDES C250 4 CYL W204 M271 1.8L RWD 2014


MERCEDES C300 6 CYL W204 M272 3.0L AWD 2012

MERCEDES C300 6 CYL W204 M276 3.5L AWD 2012

MERCEDES C300 6 CYL W204 M276 3.5L AWD 2013

MERCEDES C300 4 CYL W205 M274 2.0L RWD 2016


MERCEDES C350 6CYL W207 M276 3.5L RWD 2013

MERCEDES E350 6CYL W212 M276 3.5L RWD 2012

MERCEDES E350 6CYL W212 M276 3.5L RWD 2014

MERCEDES E350 6CYL W212 M276 3.5L RWD 2016

MERCEDES E350 6CYL W212 M276 3.5L AWD 2014

MERCEDES E350 6CYL W212 M276 3.5L AWD 2015


MERCEDES E400 6CYL W207 M276 3.0L 2017


MERCEDES E550 8 CYL W212 M273 5.5L RWD 2011


MERCEDES GLA250 4 CYL W156 M270 2.0L FWD 2015


MERCEDES CLS550 8 CYL W218 M273 5.5L RWD 2008

MERCEDES CLS550 8 CYL W219 M278 4.6L RWD 2012

MERCEDES CLS550 8 CYL W219 M278 4.6L RWD 2014


MERCEDES S550 8 CYL W221 M273 5.5L RWD 2007

MERCEDES S550 8 CYL W221 M278 4.6L AWD 2012


MERCEDES GLK350 6 CYL W204 M276 3.5L AWD 2013

MERCEDES GLK350 6 CYL W204 M276 3.5L AWD 2015

MERCEDES GLK350 6 CYL W204 M276 3.5L RWD 2013

MERCEDES GLK350 6 CYL W204 M276 3.5L RWD 2014


MERCEDES ML350 6 CYL W166 M276 3.5L AWD 2012

MERCEDES ML350 6 CYL W166 M276 3.5L AWD 2013

MERCEDES ML350 6 CYL W166 M276 3.5L AWD 2015


MERCEDES GL450 8 CYL W164 M273 5.5L RWD 2012

MERCEDES GL450 8 CYL W164 M278 4.6L RWD 2015

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